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Why Invest in SVG

Beyond the everyday travellers and the usual destinations
    Go just a little bit further to find one of the best kept secrets in the Caribbean
        Discover this peaceful nation of 32 enchanting islands and cays.

In the Eastern Caribbean and little farther south, find your place,

    tucked away from the hustle.

Here you’ll find a land of contrasts where luxury is uniquely measured in a life that is simple, natural and elegant. It’s the unspoiled Caribbean where we remain true to our traditions of fishing, sailing and boat building. At the same time, we’ve become a secret getaway for jetsetters and discerning home owners the world over.  

Why Live Here?
Easy. It’s a Grenadine playground for sailing, snorkeling, fishing and diving - among the best in the world. It abounds in great natural beauty. If you love nature, you’ll never be bored with our tumbling waterfalls, verdant rainforests, magnificent coral reefs, golden sand beaches, and spectacular sunsets. If you love people, you’ll be welcomed by the friendliest people in Caribbean. If you love sun, sand and sea, not to mention tropical breezes, you’ll have found the right place to invest your nest egg.

32 Islands and Cays
A labyrinth of crystal waters, sandy beaches and natural yacht anchorages


9 Inhabited Islands 
Uniquely vibrant with brilliant personalities and amenities of their own


4 Inter Island Airports
Jet-ready and easy to enter 


1 International Airport
Direct flights to mainland St. Vincent from the US and Canada


Why Invest Here?
There are no restrictions on foreign nationals purchasing real estate in St Vincent and the Grenadines. Once you’ve found the perfect property, the purchase process takes up to 3 months to complete. This is relatively quick compared to other countries in the Caribbean.  Closing cost is approximately 16% of the sales price and includes all fees associated with obtaining an Alien Land Holders License (ALHL), Legal Fees and Stamp Duty of 5%.  This can cause some sticker shock but it is typical throughout the Caribbean. The good news is that although the one time / upfront costs to purchase your dream is unavoidable, the cost to maintain your property are extremely low and the tax advantages are significant.

A low annual property tax of 0.08%
No capital gains tax
No inheritance tax
No income tax (unless you own a local business doing work in SVG)
There is a VAT tax of 16% on goods and services
Mortgage funding is available via several local banks

The exchange rate is fixed at US$1 = EC$2.68


Sustainable Investment
Our islands have offered safe harbour for centuries. Located farther south in the Eastern Caribbean where daily  rainfall keep our islands verdant and lush, we rarely get hurricane activity but instead experience tropical storm  weather in the rainy season. By contrast, islands such as those in the Bahamas and other northerly islands closer to the Gulf Coast are typically in the direct path of full blown Cat 1‐5 Hurricanes. An important consideration, given the rise of  waters and intensity of weather systems projected for the future.

Although SVG is not typically affected by Hurricanes, we are helping to drive new standards for the Caribbean in terms of construction and lifestyle.


Our workforce, island economics and healthy social interactions are also part of  the equation for sustainability. These elements are important for the growth of  the country and individual islands to maintain stability and higher standards of  living for locals and expatriates. Recent hurricanes have not only highlighted inadequate building standards in the northern territory but also a lack of emergency planning, and in some instances, the underlying inequities and disparities between the local community and expatriates and visitors.

Being small and avoiding mass tourism has enabled us to develop and foster a very nice equilibrium between local and expat, old traditions and new improvements as well as the high and low to mid income earners. A strong sense  of community exists among the islands of SVG and private island development has proven to yield both national pride and a plethora of new jobs over time.

Concessions for private islands and resort developments may include permanent residency for the Purchaser and his/her dependents, no property  tax, no capital gains tax, 20 Years Duty-free for all goods necessary for construction, operation and maintenance. Saving you time and money, studied and fully approved development plans and permits may also be available and transferred to new owner.


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