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Fares are Low 

   Plan Ahead

       to Visit Soon

The dream of owning a dash away island home has not gone away but Covid-19 has changed the way everyone looks at just about everything.  

As we look ahead to when the kids are back in school and we find our footing in the new economy, just know that we will be welcoming you, as always, to St. Vincent & the Grenadines.


We’re using this time to plan for your visit.

  • We’re working with our Sellers to adjust prices for our exclusive properties

  • We’re keeping on top of air fares and travel routes to get you here

  • We’re working with local banks to have ready answers on your finance questions

  • We’re finding new exclusive gems to fit every budget


Dreaming of the perfect place to retire or run your dream bed and breakfast?  Do some research on our beautiful country and its unique islands, then check out the great fares as you plan ahead for a well deserved getaway to come and see us.

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