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Beachfront Gems

You’re looking for that elusive beachfront gem. It’s going for radically cheap. It has the most incredible sunset views. Its private and the beach is almost pure white sand.

For those just discovering the unspoiled beauty and charm of St. Vincent & the Grenadines, the price and availability of such beachfront homes, even during these COVID times, comes as quite a surprise. So I write to share the news that our only gem below $500,000 has just been sold.

Tamarind Villa on the private resort of Palm Island has just sold at its asking price of $450,000 USD. A rare and remarkable find for the price but look a little closer. As a leasehold property, it has 40 years left on the current lease which is renewable at the 99 year mark. For those of you who want to enjoy your hidden gem now and those of you over 40 who are pretty clear on the fact that you may not be around 40 years from now (when the lease renews)…. it’s an awesome deal.

For those of you who either believe you’ll still be around or perhaps are simply more comfortable with a freehold property, there are wonderful hidden beachfront gems waiting for you! Our freehold exclusives on the beach start at $600,000 USD on Union Island and Bequia. Give us call or send us an email.


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