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Mount William Estate

St. Vincent

The Mount William Estate is situated in the parish of Byrea on the main island of St. Vincent. Historically known for its arrowroot, coffee and mango production, its 100 acres of rich soil and lush landscape is primed to suit today's agriculture needs.  The land is soil tested and rated as some of the most fertile on the island. While it is currently an organic horticulture nursery producing many varieties of palm, heliconias, orchids and more, it offers optimum growing conditions for medicinal cannabis, coffee, citrus and cocoa. It is also a prime location for medical and eco-tourism with part of the estate overlooking magnificent Byrea Beach.
The original estate house was built in 1805 and is one of the oldest homes in St. Vincent. This historic, single-story, 3-bedroom home has high ceilings, polished wooden floors that are mostly original and a wide verandah. It has a new pool and patio. There are 5 additional buildings on the property that are used for the nursery.
As a historic property, it is the location of at least one documented battle - a British defense against French and Carib attackers. Artifacts of the indiginous Carib and Arawak Indians have been found on the property in a addition to a number of cannon balls.  It is also home to our native bird, with at least 3 troops of Amazona Guildingii (the St. Vincent Parrot).


100 Acre Estate

Estate House

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