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King's Bay
in Tobago

King's Bay



592 acre private beachfront estate lands in Tobago with approved development plans in place for eco-friendly hotel and villas. Includes many natural features including more than one-quarter mile of beachfront with one of the safest bays in the Caribbean, two waterfalls, many natural springs, acres of cocoa trees with two drying houses, and hundreds of acres of virgin forest. Of the total area of 592 acres on the estate, 108 acres are proposed to be developed for buildings. A 103 room upscale boutique eco-resort would be placed on a 55 acre beachfront, and 76 single three-room villas would be located on a total of 50 acres.  There is an existing beach facility that would be replaced with development.


Land for Development. 


592 Acres

Beachfront of Entire Bay 

Golden Sand Beach

Development Plan with all Approved Permits

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